About Christina Karst Photography

I'm Christina Karst and I'm definitely not yo mama's photographer. I go for the raw and unplanned moments. The little details you're surely to forget unless someone documents them. Listen, when you bring your A game I will help create the vision you hire me for.  Let me help you tell your story.  Let me draw out your best you that often isn't caught by a camera. I will capture those emotions that only you and your boo would understand. And lets definitely go get drinks together. Because I like new friends and I definitely like getting drinks.



Thomas, my main squeeze.

Thomas, my main squeeze.

My little love, Sam.

My little love, Sam.

Welcome to my crazy spontaneous life.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

xo- christina karst

things i enjoy:

-my little family (including my 2 labs)
-some good tequila, chips, and queso
-spending time with my crew
(who are the family we choose)

-drinking diet coke out of coffee mugs

things i do not enjoy at all:

-human trafficking
-non fair trade chocolate
-people who spend too much time on their damn

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