What to expect when you book me:

Are you the type that loves a good adventure on the regular but sometimes you crave a good night on the couch? Maybe just the opposite? I have never really been one to settle for just one side of the fence and I shoot that way too. I love a good romantic and intimate moment on your wedding day but your day is bigger than that. It is full of fun, quirky, and bold moments with your friends and family. I live for those moments. I feed off of my couples personalities. I let you lead the day and I believe you will see that in my work. I tell all my couples to look through my blog. It’s so important you see a full day through my lens. I want you both to see exactly what you will get. No surprises.


What you will get:

  • someone who dances when they get a great shot
  • I will undoubtedly trip at least once
  • I will cry
  • A hugger
  • I uh, may also let a curse word slip when I get a REALLY good shot
  • You will get someone who wants to genuinely be your friend, who embraces your love story, and all the details. #truestory


  • Someone dressed in all black (bc I am not attending a funeral it’s your freaking wedding!)
  • Exact pinterest board replicas (I’m a creative soul don’t try to hold me back)
  • Stiff posed photos
  • Cheap photos
  • Photos that look like everything else out there