What to expect

What to expect when you book me

My best. You can expect me to probably push you out of your box a little. I don't want ordinary photos just like you don't.  You should really expect an f bomb when I get an amazing shot. #sorrynotsorry I love couples who want to make their own story and not just do what everyone expects from them. That is what you will get from me, a photographer who doesn't do what everyone expects. You should expect that I really do want to be your friend and sip champagne together. 

Real talk you can expect a mom and a wife as your photographer. I may not email you as soon as you'd like or get you your photos in less than 24 hours but it's because for me, my family is a big reason why I do this. They are first. However, you can trust that you are another HUGE reason I do this. It's important to me to capture your memories for generations to come. 

What you will get:

  • someone who dances when they get a great shot
  • I will undoubtedly trip at least once
  • I will cry
  • A hugger
  • I uh, may also let a curse word slip when I get a REALLY good shot
  • You will get someone who wants to genuinely be your friend, who embraces your love story, and all the details. #truestory


  • Someone dressed in all black (bc I am not attending a funeral it’s your freaking wedding!)
  • Exact pinterest board replicas (I’m a creative soul don’t try to hold me back)
  • Stiff posed photos
  • Cheap photos
  • Photos that look like everything else out there