who i am-

I'm honest. I'm vulnerable. I'm adventurous. And a very fortunate world traveler.

I make and hold space for EVERYONE no exceptions. If you aren't ok with that I may not be your photographer.

All my life I have always pushed my limits and asked myself how I can be better. I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and others if I’m honest. It's led to a lot of beautiful successes as well as failures.

I am 100% FAMILY FOCUSED. I never had a plan to get married and have a family so when it happen I gave it my all and let me tell you- it is AWESOME. I mean sure it's challenging and I have days I'd love to quit but I don't. We love hard, dream big and it pays off. The three of us travel as much as we can which led to us building a 2nd home in South Africa with the Giraffe and Zebbies.

When I’m not working or traveling you will catch me at home having drinks with my hubby in our jungle oasis or cuddled up watching Gilmore Girls and Friends with my kiddo.


My best. You can expect me to probably push you out of your box a little. I don't want ordinary photos just like you don't.  You should really expect an f bomb when I get an amazing shot. #sorrynotsorry I love clients who want to make their own story and not just do what everyone expects from them. Clients who want to challenge status quo. That is what you will get from me, a photographer who doesn't do what everyone expects. You should expect that I really do want to be your friend and sip champagne together.

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When I started shooting weddings professionally I remember saying “I just love love” and while that wasn’t wrong, in many ways it was naive. I’ve been married over 16 years. I understand on a whole different level what a wedding and marriage is and the promises it holds for your future. I understand intimacy on all levels and it comes out in my work. The more experiences I have in my life the better my work becomes. 

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