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Let's Talk -

There is this preconceived idea of what boudoir photos should look like. ie must be young, skinny, have perfect skin and large breasts- YOU know what I'm talking about - the shit society has been shoving down our throats since the beginning.


I create beautiful images from the truth and beauty of your shape, rather than use high angles to make you look "skinnier". I believe there is a raw beauty in our form - no matter how much you pick it apart.

For my clients, I don't want to make you into something you aren't. Please look through my images and be sure I'm the photographer for you. I don not retouch, smooth, liquify, or any of that other stuff. My rule is I only retouch what wont be on your body in 72 hours.


What's included?

Each session offers something a little different whether it's location or time frame but they all include an online gallery with all of your edited digital files for download. You will have full printing rights. The photos take 4 weeks to be edited and delivered to you. There is 50% non refundable retainer fee to hold your date. It is applied to your total. The final balance is due the day of your session.

How long does it take to get my photos?

Edited photos will be delivered within 4 weeks. If you would like them completed faster there is an optional 1 week turnaround time frame fee for $200.

Do you have weekends available?

I do not. I am typically shooting weddings on the weekends.

Do I need a spray tan?

Please no spray tans and let me explain why. Spray tans, while they mean so much good, can come off a little orange, you know what I mean? Besides your natural skin tone is what I want to capture in your beautiful boudoir photos! So lets go with a no.
2. Every photographer is there getting the same photos for every other person in Jax.
3. Do you go ALL the time? If you don't go all the time you will end up with photos that aren't true to your relationship. Sure they will be pretty but I want you to want more than pretty.

Should I wax?

This is a complete personal preference. If you decide you'd like to wax any part of your body, please allow 2-5 days for irritated skin to calm down before your shoot. I will not edit it out and I will charge a reschedule fee .

How many outfits can I bring?

For the 1 hour session a max of 2.

For a full session you are welcome to bring as many outfits as you'd like! We may not shoot all of them but the more options the better! Typically 3-5

Do you provide hair and make up?

At this time my boudoir session pricing does not include hair styling or make up. I can absolutely recommend a few professional makeup artists and hair stylists to be used for your boudoir shoot. Treat yo self!

Do you help me and tell me what to do?

YES 100% Listen, I do NOT expect you to know how to be half naked infront of a stranger with a camera with full confidence. I gotchu.

Do you post my photos?

The long and short of it is yes. I require signed contracts for boudoir sessions. I don't often share images with faces on social media because I can understand your concerns. If for some reason you do not want any images shared at all it is something we should discuss before booking. However, please remember this is my work and art and I want to share it to encourage and inspire people just like you.

Do you offer albums and prints?

There are options. You can add the album as an option when you book with me. As well, when you receive your online gallery you will have the option to order albums, prints, framed prints, cards and so much more.

Pricing & Packages

On Location Session

This session is in on location and up to 2 hours. It allows for multiple outfit changes. 75 + images via an online gallery created for you.


1 hour Studio session

This session is in studio only. It is one hour and up to 2 outfits. 35 edited images via online gallery created for you.


Studio Full Session

This session is in my studio and up to 2 hours. It allows for multiple outfit changes. 75 + images via an online gallery created for you. This can be for you or a couples session.


Full Session + Tub

This session is the same as the full session but also includes an extra hour for a tub session. It allows for multiple outfit changes. 125 + images via an online gallery created for you.


Woman, do it for you.