Canadian Tuxedos

Brittany and Justin have got NOTHING on these two. Tell me y'all remember Brittany Spear and Justin Timberlake's infamous matching outfits...

As always nothing makes me happier than having clients who let their personalities shine through. When Sam contacted me and wanted to do their engagement photos in my photo studio in Jacksonville, Fl. I WAS THRILLED. We have been online acquaintances for some time. I can't remember how I came to follow Sam but she had the CUTEST bull dog and an incredible personality. Therefore, I stuck around. I won't lie when I say for years I always hoped maybe she would want me to photograph her. Once she booked me we created an inso board together and of course I did a lot of " Could we try this?" and she let me! I wanted to create two different feels for their shoot. Below you will see the airy bit as well as the intimate and moody bits. Obsessed is an understatement.

It started with a taco

These two met while working at a local taco restaurant here in Jacksonville, Fl. As time passed and their lives eventually aligned they found themselves together and never looked back. Seeing their love in person is quite beautiful. The way they look at each other or find a way to touch each other is what many of us dream and hope to find. I'm so glad they did.